Forum Title: Clear Base ( dark green) tint separation
Just did a living room in a bright green color. It had some high walls and lots of cutting. It was a Home Depot color . I had it matched perfectly in cloverdale super 2 eggshell. I cut and rolled out of the same can, but of course paint sat in the tray while k was cutting. And 3 coats later , I was done. Next day , the cut was darker than the roll, and it had color streaks from the roller. I do run across this once in a blue moon, and I've solved it by either changing product , say to a kitchen and bath style or cut out of the full gallon and constantly stirring it as I go and stir it really good before i pour it in the tray. Anyone else ever run into this and solve it differently ?
Category: Painter Post By: SETH FIGUEROA (Bethlehem, PA), 07/22/2019

Do yourself a favour. Next time buy benjamin Moore aura and be done with it in 2 coats and you will have to never look back. I hate cheap clear based paints in any vibrant or deep colour. They never look good unless you buy a quality paint like aura. There was probably a ton of pigment in your clear based paint and either it wasn't mixed enough or stored properly and/or the tints sitting the the dispenser didn't get agitated regularly to keep them mixed.

- TONI YANG (Vallejo, CA), 08/19/2019

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